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Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology

Volume 106, Issue 2, Pages 337-462 (August 2011)

Edited by Ana M. Soto, Carlos Sonnenschein, Philip K. Maini, Denis Noble

Systems biology and cancer
Pages 337-339
Ana M. Soto, Carlos Sonnenschein, Philip K. Maini, Denis Noble

From physics to biology by extending criticality and symmetry breakings
Pages 340-347
G. Longo, M. Montévil

Extended physics as a theoretical framework for systems biology?
Pages 348-352
Paul-Antoine Miquel

The role of the microenvironment in tumor growth and invasion
Pages 353-379
Yangjin Kim, Magdalena A. Stolarska, Hans G. Othmer

On the origin of cancer: Can we ignore coherence?
Pages 380-390
Matej Plankar, Igor Jerman, Rok Krašovec

Cancer stem cells in solid tumors: Is ‘evading apoptosis’ a hallmark of cancer?
Pages 391-399
Heiko Enderling, Philip Hahnfeldt

Mathematical descriptions of biochemical networks: Stability, stochasticity, evolution
Pages 400-409
Simon Rosenfeld

Systems biology and cancer: Promises and perils
Pages 410-413
Stuart G. Baker, Barnett S. Kramer

Evolving homeostatic tissue using genetic algorithms
Pages 414-425
Philip Gerlee, David Basanta, Alexander R.A. Anderson

Systems biology of JAK-STAT signalling in human malignancies
Pages 426-434
Julio Vera, Katja Rateitschak, Falko Lange, Christina Kossow, Olaf Wolkenhauer, Robert Jaster

Probabilistic functional gene societies
Pages 435-442
Insuk Lee

A comparison of two cell regulatory models entailing high dimensional attractors representing phenotype
Pages 443-449
Keith Baverstock

A multiscale hybrid approach for vasculogenesis and related potential blocking therapies
Pages 450-462
Marco Scianna, Luca Munaron, Luigi Preziosi

Seminars in Cancer Biology

Volume 21, Issue 3, Pages 147-214 (June 2011)

Why Systems Biology and Cancer?
Edited by Carlos Sonnenschein and Ana M. Soto

Why systems biology and cancer?
Pages 147-149
Carlos Sonnenschein, Ana M. Soto

System approaches of Weiss and Bertalanffy and their relevance for systems biology today
Pages 150-155
Manfred Drack, Olaf Wolkenhauer

Outline of a concept for organismic systems biology
Pages 156-164
Bernd Rosslenbroich

Systems biology beyond networks: Generating order from disorder through self-organization
Pages 165-174
K. Saetzler, C. Sonnenschein, A.M. Soto

Fractal analysis in a systems biology approach to cancer
Pages 175-182
M. Bizzarri, A. Giuliani, A. Cucina, F. D’Anselmi, A.M. Soto, C. Sonnenschein

On the intrinsic inevitability of cancer: From foetal to fatal attraction
Pages 183-199
Sui Huang

Analysis of cancer signaling networks by systems biology to develop therapies
Pages 200-206
Rexxi D. Prasasya, Dan Tian, Pamela K. Kreeger

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