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Comprehensive Systems-Biology Database

The Comprehensive Systems-Biology Database (CSB.DB), hosted at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology, Golm, Germany, provides results of biostatistical analyses on numeric gene expression data associated with current biological knowledge.


The Systems Biology Researcher Database

SysBiolDB intends to provide a joint exchange and information platform for all systems biology researchers worldwide.


PDQ® - NCI's Comprehensive Cancer Database

PDQ (Physician Data Query) is NCI's comprehensive cancer database. It contains summaries on a wide range of cancer topics; a registry of 8,000+ open and 19,000+ closed cancer clinical trials from around the world; and a directory of professionals who provide genetics services. PDQ also contains the NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms, with definitions for 6,800+ cancer and medical terms, and the NCI Drug Dictionary, which has information on 2,300+ agents used in the treatment of cancer or cancer-related conditions.

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