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The Systems Biology Group Lab represents an interdisciplinary approach to understand biology at the systems level. The group members are researchers from the Dep.t of Experimental Medicine, the Dep.t of Surgery "Pietro Valdoni", the Dep.t of Chemistry, the Dep.t of Molecular and Clinical Medicine, and the Italian Health Institute. Expertise is not only introduced through collaborations with various scientists, but the group itself consists of engineers, medical doctors, chemical-physicists and biologists. Our group has started up in 2003. Its primary objective has always been devoted to understanding the phenomena associated with carcinogenesis. Aware of the limits of the dominant “gene-centric” paradigm, we are directed ourselves towards a new kind of scientific approach which provides an answer to some of the recorded contradictions. According to our vision (see hereafter), we believe Systems Biology may provide such opportunity. (Systems Biology: our vision)

Using the links on this page, you can know who we are and what we do.

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Laboratories of Dep.t of Surgery "Pietro Valdoni"

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