SAPIENZA UNIVERSITY. Since 1996, our Laboratory is involved in studying how to manipulate the cell-microenvironment cross talk in order to achieve significant therapeutic results. Studies upon Tumor Reversion were performed in different experimental settings, including cells, animals, and randomized clinical trials. Namely, treatment of advanced cancer patients with FFEs proven to counteract efficiently many chemotherapy-induced side effects while improving the overall survival rate.


The natural world consists of hierarchical levels of complexity that range from subatomic particles and molecules to ecosystems and beyond.
This implies that, in order to explain the features and behavior of a whole system, a theory might be required that would operate at the corresponding hierarchical level, i.e. where self-organization processes take place.

The Tumor Reversion laboratory

Focusing on those processes that, modulating the cross talk between cancer and their microenvironment can lead to the phenotypic reversion of cancer disease.

The Space Biomedicine Laboratory

Held in association with Thales Alenia Space, dealing with the issue of human life processes in the outer Space.